Help with Active Sync Exchange 2007

I have an old issue that I am getting around to addressing. Active Sync only works for my users if they are domain and enterprise admins. When I remove them from these groups, I get some errors that I have pasted below. I have enabled the inherit deal on the security tab in AD. Also, Basic Auth is the only thing enabled in the Active Sync Site in IIS
This is the error
Attempting to send OPTIONS command to server
       Testing the OPTIONS command failed. See Additional Details for more info
      Additional Details
        A Web Exception occurred because an HTTP 401 - Unauthorized response was received from IIS7


2010-03-25 18:25:46 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 2187
2010-03-25 18:25:48 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 203
2010-03-25 18:25:48 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 218
2010-03-25 18:25:49 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 250
2010-03-25 18:25:54 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 171
2010-03-25 18:25:54 OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/default.eas - 80 ntmgcg\gc Apple-iPhone/705.18 401 3 5 187
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rtlawAuthor Commented:
here is where some of the fun begins!
Other users, who were created on this exchange server at different time, are able to access active snc just fine.
rtlawAuthor Commented:
on my iphone, it just prompts for password over and over.
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Please find IIS authentication type and the SSL requirement for Exchange  2007.
Exchange 2007
1) Autodiscover: Basic and Integrated authentication   SSL Optional
2) EWS : Integrated authentication                            NO SSL
3) Exadmin : Basic and Integrated authentication       NO SSL
4) Exchange : Basic and Integrated authentication      SSL Optional
5) Exchweb : Basic and Integrated authentication       NO SSL
6) Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync: Basic authentication   SSL Optional
7) OAB : Integrated authentication                             NO SSL
8) OWA : Basic authentication                                 SSL Optional
9) Public : Basic and Integrated authentication          SSL Optional
After That restart IIS service and check it
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rtlawAuthor Commented:
I will try tomorrow and update...
SaakarSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
What kind of firewall do you have?? If ISA then check if you have right authentication selected for ActiveSync web listner.. It should be Basic..
If it is prompting for the password again and again, check if the user has access to its own mailbox from "Full access permission", make sure "self" or the user itself is added there.

Also check under mailbox features if Active Sync is enabled.

Is this installed on Server 2003/2008?

rtlawAuthor Commented:
I have a sonicwall. WIll check other issues tomorrow.
rtlawAuthor Commented:
I moved the users to a new EX server and it sorted it out...

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