Push Icon to Quick Launch taskbar across Novell network

Is there a way to push an icon to the quick launch taskbar on every pc (1700+) on a Novell network? I'm able to distribute an application and a desktop icon without difficulty but must also have the icon on quick launch. Each PC is running Windows XP Professional.
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Here is the location of the folder with the links for the Quick Launch bar.
C:\Documents and Settings\LOGIN_NAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
You would then need to run a login script which would create a link in that folder.
bobhiiiAuthor Commented:
This would require that I know the LOGIN_NAME and password, who it not?
If you can create the desktop icon via login script then this would just be a relocation of the link to the Quick Launch folder. The Quick Launch is a setting of a local user so this would change on each machine depending on what the local user is.

You could always try adding it to the Default User on the machine which should add it to all local user accounts on the machine.
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
You can use the %appdata% environment variable to get to the application data folder of the logged in user, so in a login script you can do a

#xcopy  \\server\volume\share\yourapp.lnk "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\yourapp.lnk"

If i may ask, how do you distribute the application and link to the desktop? Are you copying to c:\Documents and Settings\All users\desktop ?
If you use Zenworks there are a lot of variables you can use:

bobhiiiAuthor Commented:
deroode and jmcihargey: Thanks for your responses.

This is how distribution happens now (code follows). 1 - Make folder for application, 2- copy Access mdb applications (2 of them) to that folder, 3 - copy the icon to the desktop, 4 - launch one of the applications at startup.

md "h:\Reception"
copy "w:\dist\ReceptionFE.mdb" "h:\Reception\*" /d /y
copy "w:\dist\Reception\SelectableStaffData.mdb" "h:\Reception\*" /d /y
xcopy w:\dist\ReceptionFE.lnk c:\docume~1\alluse~1\desktop\* /d /y
xcopy w:\dist\ReceptionFE.lnk c:\docume~1\alluse~1\Startm~1\Programs\Startup\* /d /y

The application ReceptionFE.mdb is the front end of a split database, with the back end residing on a shared G: drive. (The back end is a very simple push to each server, and need not be considered as part of this issue.) The front end loads at the end of the startup process as a means of identifying the user and marking that user as being in the office.

In a perfect world the front end would run of the C: drive though our security people have severely limited our field office staff's ability to write to C: as a quasi theft prevention measure.

We do have a group using Zenworks though I lack all access to it. Unfortunately their priorities are not the same as mine. Probably more than you need to know but that's an overview of what I'm trying to do. If I can provide them a solution then they'll have the time to just implement it rather than researching it. Thanks.

deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
So the Xcopy for QuickLaunch would be:

xcopy w:\dist\ReceptionFE.lnk "%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\*" /d /y

bobhiiiAuthor Commented:
I received what I believe is a viable solution (it worked fine when I tested it on my PC) though I had to pass it off to our networking folks for their review. As soon as I hear from them I'll be in a better position to Accept and dole out the points.
bobhiiiAuthor Commented:
Works like a charm. Thanks very much.
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