Back Up Exec solution for 3 Servers

Hello all,
My client is requiring a new apps server, a new exchange server and has an existing Terminal server. We put forward a solution for backing it all up to a NAS box and aske our reseller the best way to do it.
We have discussed with them and they have suggested we run the Backup exec on the apps server, with an exchange agent for the exchange server and an agent for the terminal server and active directory back up agent. We have also taken 2 System recovery licenses to.
These are exactly what we have been quoted on.
1 SYM-214098 20056156 Symantec SXPR - Backup Exec 2010 for Windows - Server - Std Lic & Basic Maint (12 Mths) - Band S

1 SYM-214208 20056987 Symantec SXPR - Backup Exec 2010 for Windows - Agent for Microsoft Exchange - Per Server - Std Lic & Basic Maint (12 Mths) - Band S

1 SYM-214150 20056550 Symantec SXPR - Backup Exec 2010 for Windows - Agent for M/S Active Directory - Per Domain Controller - Std Lic & Basic Maint - Band S

1 SYM-214183 20056831
Symantec SXPR - Backup Exec 2010 for Windows - Windows System Agent - Per Server - Std Lic & Basic Maint (12 Mths) - Band S

2 SYM-212934 20058960 Symantec SXPR - Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 (Win) - Server - Std Lic & Basic Maint (12 Mths) - Band S

Does this seem correct to you?
Thank you in anticipation of your replies.
SolpakTechnical DirectorAsked:
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I don't know if you really need the Backup Exec System Recovery licenses, but the rest of it looks ok. You have the BE license for the server that does the backups, and agent for Exchange, and agent for AD, and an agent for the terminal server. I'm guessing there is a domain controller right? If not, then you can skip  the active directory agent too.

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Who did you get your quote through?  Some agents include others, some do not.  You need to go to backup exec's site and find out if the exchange agent also includes the standard windows agent.  If it does, there's no need to get the standard windows agent.

If you have more than 1 domain controller, backing up AD may not be worth the money.  You need to take a look at how much redundancy you already have in place, then look at whether or not you need the backup solution.

How much storage do you have on your NAS?  How large of data will you be backing up?  How long do you want to keep backups available?
SolpakTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you CrashDummy_MS and piattnd.
The NAS is a Buffalo pro II 2 TB. They will be copying the back ups off that every morning on to External Hardrives for offsite storage in case of DR. This NAS will also keep there Mail archive too, as they are a legal firm they wish to keep some data for 10 years, they are 75 user site.
They only have one DC hence the prtoection on that.
We would like a bare metal recovery option for dr purposes too, they had a mini disaster a few years ago and want to protect against this again, so went for the System Recovery options to help cover this also. Is it not needed?
I got the quote from one of our suppliers who spoke to Symantec for us to make sure, but I thought I would ask the experts on here because another reseller of ours said the only way it could be done was to buy a full BE for each sever and then the associated agents!
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That last supplier was way off with the full BE on each server. System Recovery should help with a bare metal restore. It's not totally needed, but could save time in a full restore.

I'm almost positive we got a remote agent included when we bought Exchange and AD agents (so I probably have way too many agents licensed now). If you're just wanting to protect against a failed DC, the AD agent isn't needed, but I'd recommend having it because it lets you do granular restore, like if you accidentally delete a user or OU, it's easy to restore just that thing from backup.
I would personally ask to try the bare metal backup or the system recovery solutions before buying them.  If they're not significantly faster than throwing the OS back on the box, I don't know that I'd find it worth it.  Might be better to have a standby server with the server OS already on it (assuming you use relatively the same OS) and have it ready to be thrown in and restore whatever data on top if you need.  A server like an exchange box might be an example of when you'd want a bare metal or some other type of server image backup, but even then you may end up spending a lot of time doing an image restore that doesn't work for X reason, so rebuilding the server and restoring the data back may have been a faster solution anyways.

Symantec will let you try before you buy, just download their software and agents and go to town.  This will allow you to make sure you've got the agents you need (and no extras) and figure out how it works to compare against other backup venders.

I use backup exec 12.5 here for our file server and exchange server and it's wonderful.  For your exchange server, I'd suggest doing B2D (backup to disk) to enable granular restore options.  If you don't do B2D, you won't be able to select a single message on a user's mailbox and restore that,  you'd have to restore the whole database to the recovery mail store, then find the item and move it over.  Very time consuming that way (yes, i learned the hard way there).
SolpakTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Ops forgot to allocate points
SolpakTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Much appreciated for the information
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