User gets "not an authorized user" when logging into OWA 2007 during typically restircted login hours

Our CEO is reporting "not an authorized user" errors when attempting to log into OWA (Exchange 2007).  Most of our organization is restricted from logging into the network between 11:00PM and 6:00AM 7 days a week.  

However, a handful (including the CEO) have no restirctions on login hours (Managed by user through AD - Account Tab, Logon Hours button).  Other users (including myself) who are not restricted have no problem logging in during the typical restricted time (11PM - 6AM).

There is no Group Policy managing the Logon hours.  Any other ideas on what could be causing this?  Thanks in advance for your input!
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RDG72Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
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Hi, make sure the OWA Maiblox Feature is enabled for the user.  Recipient Configuration --> Mailbox --> Select User --> Properties --> Mailbox Features tab --> Outlook Web access.


Get-CASMailbox -Identity "" | fl name,owaenabled
RDG72Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip - the CEO does not get this error between 6AM and 11PM, only between 11PM and 6AM - the "restricted" time
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