Ironport S-series Web Filter

Anybody here using an Ironport S-series web filter? How does it compare to say websense 7? Will it integrate into multiple AD domains? How does it do user identification?
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docbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I used to work for IronPort so I may be a little biased, but...

The S-series is far better a product than Websense.  Websense is primarily focused on URL Filtering, whilst their security is really an after-thought which is based more on known bad URLs than actual threads (no real Anti-virus for example), whilst the IronPort is equally a security platform as much it's a management/URL filtering platform.

Websense does do a better job of reporting than the S-series, which requires a separate Windows box to do anything worthwhile for reports, although the on-box stuff is good for a basic overview.

The AD integration is good, but it can only integrate into a single AD Forest.  ie, it can connect to multiple domains, but ONLY if there is a trust relationship between the domains (which is what a Forest is).

Authentication is via NTLM, so presuming your users are logged into the AD domain, it's completely transparent.  If they aren't logged into the domain then they will get a password prompt to login, normally once per session, although you can configure that to some extent.
I am having same issue, any resolution?!?!
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