upload multiple document WSS 3.0. Users can upload, but not given option to check those files in

When i user uploads multiple files to the document library, they are not given the option to check the files in.  They appear in the document library, but are checked out to that user, and no one else can see the files.

When the used attempts to manually check the file in, they are given an error page saying they do not have permission. This user has contribute permission on the library.

I dont want to have to turn off "Require check out" everytime a user wants to upload more then 1 file. Is there something I can do to fix this issue?
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Usually, when files are not check-in-able, there are required meta-data fields not filled in.
Complete the required fields and you should be able to check the files in.
SmallPrintAuthor Commented:
How does the user do that? As an admin I can check unthreatening files , but other users cant
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SmallPrintAuthor Commented:
I understand if this is not possible, since we have version control enabled, and required check out. But why cant the user manually check the item in? They receive a access denied page when they try
I think you need to make acquaintance withSharePoint Batch Check In. As the name goes, you can check in bulk files in a time.
In addition to that, if you are not sensitive on security, you can turn off the forced check  in options. Then you need not to check in.  

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SmallPrintAuthor Commented:
let me see
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