How to open .SPO SPSS file in Internet Explorer


I have a SPSS statistical software that creates .SPO formatted files.

I want to post the .SPO file on the intranet so users can open it.  (Kind of like Acrobat opening .PDF files idea)

So, on the IIS server, I added to the MIME to let it know that it can serve .SPO files and restarted the server.

I’ve installed the SPSS viewer (kind of like Acrobat Reader idea) on my client pc.

Problem I’m having is that in Internet Explorer, when I click on the .SPO file, nothing happens.  

Here’s my html file:

THIS WORKS (I used a PDF as a test):
   <a href="MyPDFfile.pdf">PDF - Click here</a>

  <a href="MySPOfile.spo">SPO - Click here</a>
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You don't need MIME types for a hyperlink to function - the interpreting is done on the client side.

If that link doesn't do anything, there are only a few likely options:
1) The SPO file really isn't there.
2) SPO files can't be linked for some other reason (for example, the link is inside a CMS that doesn't allow links to SPO files).
3) The SPO is being passed to SPSS, but SPSS fails to launch.

Knowing SPSS, I suspect #2.  I'd also try opening SPSS ahead of time and seeing if the link works then.  

If your web browser is doing nothing AT ALL, that's a larger problem - even if your system doesn't know what to do with a file (of ANY type), it should prompt you to download it.  Your browser might even be configured to reject SPO downloads (if for example they are marked as "untrusted").
paultran00Author Commented:
Thank you very much for responding.

The .SPO file is not in a CMS database.  The .SPO file is linked directly.

I tried your suggestion to open the "SPO SmartViewer 13" first then going to IE and clicking on the link to the .SPO file but I only get the message "downloading..." at the bottom status bar of IE.

How do I check and configure my browser to trus and not reject SPO downloads?
I'm not too familiar with IE specifically, but it should be somewhere in Tools/Internet Options.

Have you tried this with another web browser?  Firefox, Safari or Chrome for example?  That would at least verify whether the problem is with your web browser or somewhere else.

And what happens if you double-click an SPO file on the desktop?  That sound be the same behavior, at the OS level.

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paultran00Author Commented:
Thanks!  The problem was with IE because the .SPO file opened fine in Firefox.  Now I have to figure out what settings in IE that are disabling opening .SPO file.
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