Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

I get an error every time i try to migrate a virtual machine from one host to another using System's Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008.

The setup is 3 servers all running Windows 2008 R2, 2 of them are acting as Hyper-V host servers, and 1 is the Systmes Center server\library. Everything installs correctly and is working to the point where i can see both host's in the SCVMM console and all their information. But when i try to migrate a test server from one host to the other i get an "ID: 1612" error and the job fails. I've rebuilt the SCVMM server thinking there was a problem with it, but the same thing is happing after a fresh install. This error happens both when logged onto the server itself to do the move and from a remote admin client.
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msmamjiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From what I deduce SCVMM 2008 is the problem, it might not be cool with integration services of windows server 2008 R2. I think that is where it fails as it tries to install the integration services of WS08R2. Integration services differ between WS08 and WS08 R2 and VMM 2008 might not be able to fully understand R2 IS.
Also as per the following link
VMM 2008 does not support Windows Server 2008 R2

You might need to upgrade to SCVMM 2008 R2.

UltrabrowserAuthor Commented:
Forgot to say that it gets to 56% or so before it errors out "every time". Looking at both Hyper-V host servers i can see that the VHD and several other files are being copied over before the process dies.
James HaywoodCommented:
Error 1612 is to do with lost connectivity. Have you checked this Microsoft article;EN-US;969269

Also, are there any routers in the migration path or are both hosts on the same subnet?
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UltrabrowserAuthor Commented:
I looked at that article and it didn't really apply "I don't think". I did notice that i was off on the 56%, it's dying at 49%.

On the VMM server i disabled the 2nd NIC and that didn't help, i also went into Hyper-v manager and told it that the host OS couldn't use the NIC for management, and that didn't work either.

What is going on with SCVMM....I've rebuilt this server twice now with the same results when trying to do a simple migrate from server to server.

UltrabrowserAuthor Commented:
Sorry missed your question there. All 3 servers are on the same subnet.
James HaywoodCommented:
Check both servers have all updates applied and have the same version of the VMM agent installed.

Check your DNS server has all necessary records and any old ones are removed

Switch off firewalls on both of the Host servers

will think of some more things to try aswell
Are you running SCVMM 2008 or SCVMM 2008 R2?
UltrabrowserAuthor Commented:
SCVMM...not R2.

The Windows servers are 2008r2.

All DNS is working, and no firewalls are on.

The files get transfered over to the 2nd server, as I can see the on both servers in (e:\hyper-v\). I'm not sure what the last 51% of the job does, like starting the  VM back up and connecting to the network, but why would the error be that the console lost connection with the SCVMM server even from the admin console running on the SCVMM server itself.
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