Microsoft FTP IIS 6 Multiple accounts on on IP

I'm trying to set up Microsoft FTP on IIS6  with a single IP address and same port 21  such that user A logs in and goes to folder A and user B logs in and goes to folder B and so on.  I know it can be done under the default FTP instance without creating additional instances.  

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Yes it can, you create virtual directories for your users (see attached) then set the Alias to that users Username.
So if Jeff Andersons's username is janderson then the alias is janderson. Don't forget to give janderson NTFS permissions on the folder you want him to be able to access.

fredimacAuthor Commented:
I've done that but it isn't working.  So for example -   The Default FTP site is pointing to F:\webroot   virtual directory1 is called  user1 and points to F:\webroot\user1  - user 1 has permissions to that folder.

virtual directory2 is called user2 and points to F:\webroot\user2 and user 2 has permissions to that folder.

The default FTP site just has the default permissions set.
fredimacAuthor Commented:
oh - the point was  one account can log in fine but the other one can't
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Since the permissions are good, are you testing both users from the same machine? or are the users testing it?
Also is this on a domain using domain users or local users? There is a patch needed on the server if they are domain users, it's available here:
That update does not install with regular windows updates.
These are the directions I give my users:

The settings for FTP go as follows make sure you use these guidelines.
FTP Site: your site
Username: networkusername@domainname
Password: networkpassword
If you continue to have problems you can try changing a setting in Internet Explorer.
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on "Tools" from the menu bar.
3. Click on "Internet Options"
4. Click on the "Advanced" Tab
5. In the "Browsing" Section, Check or un-check "Use Passive FTP".*

*Note: Most of the time it will need to be unchecked but sometimes you will have to check it. This will depend on the machine and is not always the same.*


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so you want to create FTP for multiple user, if user A logs then it should go his folder, if user B logs then it should go to his this go on...right!

so u need to do isolated user which is a feature in can do for Local user or domain user

hope this heps
fredimacAuthor Commented:
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