WatchGuard X5 and VOIP

Hi Gang,
  I have a home office protected with a WatchGuard x5.  The trouble in my neighborhood is the Verizon Cellphone service is really lame;  it's a "limited service area" they tell me.  Anyway, the remedy was to sell me a "Network Extender" ($250) that interfaces my Blackberry Storm to Verizon via my Internet (Comcast broadband) connection.  
  I connected the Network Extender to the Trusted network on the X5.  Now, problem is that my QOS varies enough that some calls sound little better than the lame connection to the closest cell tower (sounds like the other person is under water).  Verizon tech support thinks that optimizing my firewall for VOIP would resolve the problem
 Can someone here hemp me to understand how to most quickly do this?


-k -
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I was expecting v7.x does not have much; I do not think it even has proxy services. Also, QoS /traffic priority is not supported with this version of software.

Thank you.
Which version of WG software are you running.

You only have option to use H.323 ALG which would:
- Automatically responds to VoIP applications and opens the appropriate ports
- Makes sure that VoIP connections use standard H.323 protocols
- Generates log messages for auditing purposes

Other than this there is not much x5 can do.

Thank you.
KellyOfColoradoAuthor Commented:
It is running Firewall v7.1.1 Build4 ,

Is it possible to have it give priorityto VOIP traffic?

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