Failing to get and decode Binary value from Sybase [C#]

Hi Experts

I would really appreciate your help on this one. I need to get this done asap and it doesnt seem to work.
I have a Sybase DB field "Long Binary" type that I'm pulling values from and trying to "decode" them and turn into regular strings.

To do this I create a byte[] array, read values from that Sybase field with DataReader.GetBytes into that array and then simply loop through the array to build my final string.
Simple but for some reason 30% of the time or so GetBytes returns nothing. It doesn't turn pulled in database values into the Bytes[] array and it's driving me nuts.
Can't figure out what's going on. Please help.

Here is my code
byte[] bytes = new byte[size];

reader.GetBytes(fldID, 0, bytes, 0, bytes.Length); //This for some reason doesnt populate my bytes[] array sometimes
foreach (byte b in bytes)
result = !b.Equals(DBNull.Value) ? result + Convert.ToChar(b) : result + "\0";

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techsuppoprtAuthor Commented:
So is there another way to pull the bytes[] array from my DataReader because GetBytes() doesn't seem to work properly for me this way.
Anyone ?
Meir RivkinFull stack Software EngineerCommented:
try converting to string this way:

System.Text.ASCIIEncoding enc = new System.Text.ASCIIEncoding();
string str = enc.GetString(bytes);

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