exchange 2003 replication issues (public folders)

Scenario: we have 1 physical windows 2000/exchange 2003 box that we are migrating to a new windows 2003/exchange 2003 virtual server. the existing (physical) server is also a DC, something we are not replicating in the new 2003 server.

i'm following some good articles and KBs on the steps necessary to replicate all the data, but am running into issues with it actually working.

I am currently trying to replicate the public folders before I attempt the mailboxes, and this is where i am running into my first issues. I have followed and have enabled maximum logging on both servers. Following the suggested troubleshooting, i have discovered that i AM able to create new public folders on the NEW exchange server, and have it replicate back to the existing (old) server. Doing this results in both an outgoing event on the new server, and an incoming event on the old server. using the message tracking, these successful messages show the following results when searching for RTEXCHANGE-is (new server account) on the old server: sender email: RTEXCHANGE-IS@localhost

SMTP: message submitted to advanced queuing
SMTP: started message submission to advanced queue
SMTP: message submitted to categorizer
SMTP: message categorized and queded for routing
SMTP: message queued for local delivery
SMTP message delivered locally to FEMAIL-IS@localhost (this is our old server)
SMTP store Driver: message delivered locally to store to FEMAIL-IS@localhost

however, attempting to either send hierarchy or resend changes from the OLD server to the NEW results in only the outgoing event veiwer message on the old server, none on the new (dest) server. Also, the message tracking only displays results on the old (source) server, and shows nothing on the new (dest) server. the old (source) server logs this in message tracking:

SMTP store driver: message submitted from store
SMTP: message submitted to advanced queuing
SMTP: started message submission to advanced queue
SMTP: message submitted to categorizer
SMTP: message categorized and queded for routing
SMTP: message routed and queued for remote delivery
SMTP: started outbound transfer of message

interestingly, on only 1 of my many attempts, after 5 minutes this message follows: Message transferred to through SMTP

please note does not exist and is not setup anywhere.

As far as routing groups go, I only have 1. For SMTP connectors i have the default Internet Mail SMTP Connector, set to * with a cost of 1. In this connector i have it setup to forward all mail to a smart host @ [] which is our actual mail/spam server.


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Just as a test, try removing the SMTP smart-host connector from the OLD server and try again. You can always add the SMTP connector once the PFs are replicated from OLD to NEW.
jimlaheyAuthor Commented:
assuming I dont have to restart any services, this had no effect. The SMTP VS's on each server have no smart host listed, the only place it is specified is in the SMTP connector for the routing group. removal of the connector did not fix the issue.
Are these two E2K3 servers within the same Routing Group?

Also try this: create a test mailbox on the NEW server, and attempt messaging routing tests to/from this new test mailbox.
1. send message from NEW mailbox server to OLD mailbox server
2. send message from OLD mailbox server to NEW mailbox server
3. send message from NEW mailbox server to outbound (internet)

Do the message get delivered?

One more thing to try: perform the telnet test...
1. From the OLD server, "telnet NEWserver 25"
2. From NEW server, "telnet OLDserver 25"
do you get a connection in both tests?


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Is "" defined in DNS? Please take a look in your DNS records for "". Also, what happens if you perform the following from your OLD exchange server (and your NEW)?

Is "FEMAIL-IS@localhost" literally the email address that was assigned to the PF store? Or did you change the domain name to 'localhost' as you were posting this publicly?

Step 1: Determine whether the public folder store has an e-mail address
Sorry, but which solution specifically worked for you? :-)
jimlaheyAuthor Commented:
thank you captain obvious!! i joke, but sometimes i can't see the forest for the trees.

your suggestion to telnet led me to discover a stale A record that referred to the DHCP address the new server grabbed when we spun it up! changed it to it's static, let it propagate out and tada! its working now.

thanks again
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