March 2010 recurring appointments 1 hour off - November 2010 recurring appointments okay

We have about a dozen customers with a couple of recurring appointments that are one hour off during the new Pacific DST.  The same appointment is correct in November 2010. Any ideas why the time would be off 1 hour in March 2010 for 3 weeks but is accurate in November 2010.  Both months had modifications made to the start/end date/time. The same problem exists in 2011 as well with March being off 1 hour for 3 weeks and November being accurate.

Thank you.

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Is the time set correctly or there workstations? Do they have the DST switch selected?
kahunasportsAuthor Commented:
All systems have:
Time set correctly
Time set to Pacific -8 and the DST selected
All DST patches on clients and servers

Of the appointments review so far, 99% did not have an ending date.  One did have an ending day and I think the appointment was over a year old.  Not sure how many times this appointment was modified.  I know there is a limit to the number of times you can modify a recurring appointment but no one has posted the limit.
This issue really sounds like a DST issue.  Run the TZEdit.exe tool available from Microsoft and verify the DST dates are setup correctly.  Instructions on how to use the tool and where to download it are at:

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kahunasportsAuthor Commented:
Everything is correct. Since only two customers have issues with 3 appointments each. These appointments either did not have an end date or they have been modified several times so I'm going to assume they are corrupted.  Requested the customers to add end dates and send updates and recreate the recurring appointmenst they have had for years on their calendars that have beem modified more times than the actual number of meetings.

I saw someone actually reinstalled their OWA server and blew it up over an issue like this. Would have been much easier to have the user fix the appointment or run the tzedit tool on the users mailboxes that had all of the apointments off to correct them.
kahunasportsAuthor Commented:
Used the tool to triple verify the timezone information.
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