Windows 7 limit logged on time

In Windows 7, I know that you can set the time 'Frame' in which a user can log in. Like from 7am - 10 pm however, I want to know if there is a way to kick the user off after say, 2 hours from the point where they logged in?

Windows Steady State does not 'yet' work with Win7, if it ever will.
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jmcilhargeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately the parental controls in Windows 7 only allow for a range of time which you can actually use the machine. You may want to look at a software called Time Sheriff to limit how much time is spent on the machine without limiting the actual usage window.
You can always create a batch file and then run it as a scheduled task.  You could schedule it for 10 pm every day. This would forcefully shut down the computer and the parental controls would then keep them from logging back in.  Here is a command to shut down the computer with a warning message.
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 30 -c "The System will Shutdown in 30 seconds. Save your work now!"
grayeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a note...  most of the features of Steady State are built into WIn7... all you have to do is just enable the Guest account (and sign people in using Guest).
I have seen free applications similar to what you're describing at the public library... where user are give a time limit on the computer.  However, this solution was designed to control the time used for a single login session.  It would not be appropriate for limiting the total time on the computer (since all you'd need to do is log out and then log back in to reset the countdown timer).
So, if you're looking for a "limit to xxx hours per day" or "xx hours per week", then you might look at
alexianitAuthor Commented:
Not trying to log user out at specified time, Windows 7 will do that with built in tools.

I will look into the 2 programs suggested by:
jmcilhargey & graye
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