Outlook error message "The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable" After migration from SBS2003 -> SBS2008

After I migrated my SBS2003 Server to SBS2008, I am unable to start Outlook 2003 for one specific user on a win2008r2 Terminal server. Outlook does not connect to the new exchange server.
Obviously the user didn't start outlook after I moved Exchange to the new SBS server and before I demoted the old SBS.

I get the error message "The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable" after ~20secs.

Button 'Retry' repeats the same message;
Button 'Work Offline' pops up another error message saying "Outlook can't be started" (or similar - I am trying to translate the german message) and Outlook is closed;
Button 'Cancel' closes Outlook as well;

There are no messages in the eventlog;

Other users are able to start outlook on the same computer.
I already checked a couple of hints, such as the RPC-Registry settings and they seem to be fine.

How can I reset the mail-account information for this specific user, so that he is able to reconnect to exchange?
I already tried to change and or remove various registry keys and values in HKCU/software/microsoft/exchange and HKCU/software/microsoft/office/11.0/Outlook but did not succeed.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried simply creating a new outlook profile?
Click in start goto control panel and Mail you can delete the outlook profile and create a new one.
mhaberstockAuthor Commented:
Well, after all this was really easy  - Thank you!

After a painfull SBS migration, I expected a way more laborious solution.

At first I could not find the 'mail'-settings in Windows 2008 Sysconfig. But after I found them, it just took me a few seconds to change the server name in the existing profile.
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