Office 2003: How should I handle this bookmark and cross-reference nightmare?

I'm reviewing a document (confidential, no sample available) that's stitched in cross-references.  

A section is bookmarked so that paragraphs can later be drafted with cross-references to previously bookmarked sections.  If the section numbers are changed by adding or removing paragraphs, the cross-references through out the document are updated automatically.  

It seems that when text is copy-pasted from one document template (also made up of cross-references) to another, hidden section bookmarks can be lost or overwritten.  When they are lost, Word will show “Error! Reference source not found.”  When they are overwritten, you get a reference to a section that doesn’t exist in the document (e.g. it will refer to section 1.1(a)(a) but there is no such section.  The closest thing is a section 1.1(a) later on in the document).

I know absolutely nothing about bookmarks and cross-references.  There is a long list of hidden numbered bookmarks (e.g.  _DV_M395 (and other numbers); _Hlt66594305 (and other numbers); and _Ref195675891 (and other numbers))


I need to correct all the incorrect references in the document (with the old and new documents at my disposal).  Old fashioned me will print out every page of the document, flag all the references and verify them manually.  

Unless... some kind soul with any level of expertise in word cross-references could offer a more efficient suggestion? :)
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Just out of curiosity, do you intend to keep these cross references?  If not, then perhaps the easiest "solution" is to select all and press Shift+Ctrl+F9.  This unlinks each and every field in your document.  Only do this if you are sure you won't miss them.

But, fields are useful, so you probably want to keep them.  You can cycle through fields fairly easily by pressing F11 and Shift+F11.  

Make sure you can see all your fields by going to Tools | Options.  On the View tab, make sure that the drop-down box for Field Shading is set to Always.

You may already know this, but F9 will update a field.  This is handy for when you want to make sure a field updates, but I point this out also as a warning.  You might not want to update a field just yet.  So, use that key sparingly.  

You can also press Shift+F9 to see a selected field's code.  You can press Alt+F9 to toggle all the codes in the document.  This can give you some insight as to what the field is referencing.  

The unlinking all the fields is sometimes the easiest route, depending on how ugly your document is.  If you can afford the extra rework that'll happen afterward, it may save you some headaches.  If that's not an option, then I hope these shortcut keys will help you out.

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mrtuxAuthor Commented:
Everyone one of your suggestions was a great help!
mrtuxAuthor Commented:
I ended up clearing the formatting, reformatting the document with the correct outline numbering and creating new cross-links throughout the document to those numbered paragraphs (instead of bookmarks).

Thanks again for your help!
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