MS Office will not start on Terminal Server 2008

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MS Office crashes as soon as I try to open it "locally" on my Terminal Server 2008 machine (not through a TS Session) and asks me if I want to start it in Safe Mode, to which I reply YES, but that crashes too.

I have read "a lot" on this forum and here is what I've already tried unsuccessfully:
1. Deleted all instances (and subkeys) of "Resiliency" in the registry (NOTE: None were in HKLM, however; All were in HKCU)
2. Deleted and/or renamed all ".dot?" files
3. Looked for a 'TermSrvCopyKeyOnce' with a value of 0x1 in registry but key didn't exist.
4. Started various Office products (Word, Excel, etc) in Safe Mode - still crashed.
5. Started MSWord.exe in "Run" with the "/a" option (another form of Safe mode w/ debug) but that crashed too.
6. Ran Microsoft Office Diagnostics.  Resulted in "NO" errors.  *shrug*

I'm am seriously running out of ideas here guys and time is of the essence. Please help!

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Please mention what version of Office you are using . Also see if you have installed any add-ins alongwith Office. What is the office product you are trying to open. Is it outlook or excel or word.


Sorry, in my effort to be thorough, I totally forgot the MS Office version.  I am using MS Office 2007 Standard.  "All" Office 2007 applications crash immediately when trying to launch.  The only Add-Ins were Google Desktop, which I uninstalled, and AVG Internet Security 9.0 - however, this problem existed "before" AVG was installed.  Hope this helps.
It seems that Office installation is corrupt on the Terminal Server. You need to clean unistall Office 2007 and reinstall it.Na dbefore starting any pplication Please upgrade the Office 2007 to SP2.


I was afraid of that.  My problem is that this install of MS Office 2007 Std was purchased, then downloaded, and installed.  My client no longer has that downloaded file.  I have his Product Key, however, but how best can I attain that install file again?  You can't just download it without first "purchasing" it again.  Ugh.  

(By the way, the version of Office 2007 Std on this system was already upgraded to SP2.  I will make sure the reinstall will be upgraded to that again before  starting any application.)    


I just realized that I forgot to follow up on this, but after finally cracking the licensing info for this MS Office 2007 install, I was able to reinstall it successfully.  The installation was indeed corrupt.  Reinstalling it was the only fix.  Thanks Ashish!

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