Split same domain between Exchange and Google

I'm trying to setup an evironment in which internal emails user@mydomain.com will be delivered to google apps.
Internaly I have mailboxes user@mydomain.com and same email address with google apps.
So externally all emails go to google apps but internally all emails are delivered on the exchange server and not to google apps.
I'm trying to get all internal emails addressed to user@mydomain.com to be delivered to google apps too.
mydomain.com is not the main email domain but is registered with the exchange server too.
Any help very much appreciated.
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Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
If you have the Google Apps domain configured on the exchange server, I don't think you can do it.  Exchange will always try local delivery before external SMTP connectors.

Is there a reason you need this domain configured in Exchange?  If not, you could just send them and rely on your public MX record for delivery, or you could set up a recipient domain based SMTP connector to deliver the messages.
ZubuAuthor Commented:
originally the domain was created on the exchange server and users have their initial mailboxes internally.
I advised for complete deletion and migration to G APP but they want to have a grace period trying to make sure the new environment works. So basically a dual environment while deleting the existing mailboxes from the exchange.
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Can you setup a second domain on the G Apps side?  How may mailboxes / addresses are we talking about?

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