ReInstalling SSL Certificate

I had to upgrade my web server from vista home premium to windows 7 professional. This wiped out all my settings. So the setup in IIS that I had for my SSL certificate is gone. I want to just put it back in (I forget how I did this the last time) - but when I do the "Complete Certifcate Request" and point to the .crt file - it doesn't save. I go back into the server certificates window and it's gone. What am I doing wrong?
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tyy8Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I did go get a brand new certificate. But it's doing the same thing. I put it in there and as soon as I navigate away from the server certificates window  and come back to it - the certificate is gone from the list.
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
You should treat it like a new certificate request.

Generate a new request file and use this to re-key your certificate with the issuing registrar.

Then download and install.
I may be wrong, but it's my understanding the the certificate must be re-issued from the Certificate Authority.
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