AS/400 Print Jobs

The company i work for uses AS/400 and we have about 15 printers set up within the AS/400.  Randomly, the printers will end by themselves and we will have to re-start them.  This problem seems to remain consistent but how now carried on to multiple printers on the 400.  Also, sometimes the printers that end go on a MSGW status, and we can not respond to the message.  we have to end it immediatly and the restart the printer then the print jobs get sent through.

I am out of idea's on how to get the solved so any input would be appreciated.  
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You need to look at the Qsysopr log file and find out what the messages are that you can't repond to. Then fix the printer device description, printer writer or printer override file (OVRPRTF) with the correct settings. But until you find out what the basic problem is, you can't fix it. Managing AS/400 printers is an art to itself, and is unlike managing printers on any other platform.

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