Unable to send links via Communicator R2 client

When a user tries to IM a link via communicator she gets a 400 error. I researched it a bit and the answers I got point to a bad locatin profile, but we don't use location profiles. She uses OCS 2007 R2 client and Outlook 2007. Exchange is 2007 SP1. Attached a scheenshot of the error.

A link in the erro sent me here: http://office.microsoft.com/client/helppreview.aspx?AssetID=HA103556511033&ns=COMM2007R2&lcid=1033

Thank you
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BusbarConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
have you by any chance configure the IIMF to disallow URLs, or it is corrupted somehow, try disabling IIMF, restart the FE services and let us see how it works
cyberleo2000Author Commented:
I would think that would affect all users rather than just a handful. I'll give it a shot though. Thanks.
cyberleo2000Author Commented:
I found additional info elsewhere
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