delete form tag

I made the code shorter by deleting the <html> and <head> <body> tags

now I want to delete the form tag
because I want to put this on a content management system that has a form and a jquery table sorter and it is not working on my cms

is this possible
ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL); 
         if( isset($_POST) && !empty($_POST)) 
                        if(isset($_SESSION['prev']) && $_SESSION['prev']==serialize($_POST)) 
                                echo "Data already processed!"; 
                $msg="You sent " . print_r($_POST,true); 
                //here you can try to save it to the db: 
                //mysql_connect("localhost","username","password") or die($msg."\nunable to connect to server: \n".mysql_error()); 
                //mysql_select_db("dbname") or die($msg."\nUnable to select db: \n" . mysql_error()); 
                //$sql="INSERT INTO tableName(fieldName) VALUES('{$FieldName}')"; 
                //mysql_query($sql) or die($msg."\nUnable to execute query: \n$sql\n".mysql_error()); 
                echo $msg."\nData proccessed successfully"; 

                          <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 
                                          var opts={ 
                                                                  url: this.form.action 
                                                                  ,type: this.form.method 
                                                                  ,data:{ } 
//NOTE: ADDED a  return false; 
                                                          return false; 
                          function processResult(data, textStatus){ 
                  <form id='theForm' action='<?php $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] ?>' method='post'> 
                          <div>Email: <input type='text' id='FieldName' name='FieldName' value=''/></div> 
                          <div><input type='submit' name='Submitter' value='Submit'/></div> 

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it sounds like you are "pasting" that code within the body of your "template". It will not work because the session_start() cannot be called after you have sent output to the browser. You need to call session_start() at the beginning of your "template".
rgb192Author Commented:
could this code be done without a session start....
>>could this code be done without a session start....
Sure, that is what I did two posts ago on the other threads/posts, BUT you then were complaining that it reposts upon refresh.

If you still want to avoid the refresh problem, you have to remember what was previously posted, and for that you need the $_SESSION.

It's likely that your cms is using $_SESSION. If so, then it must be calling somewhere first, in which case you can just comment out the session_start(); from the code you posted above (since you need to call session_start() only ONCE and presumable the cms already called it ).

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rgb192Author Commented:

I have the same question with an earlier version of your code that I removed html,head,body tags without the session
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