In SBS 2003, will removing a user from 'Users' under Server Management also delete the users home folder (redirected my documents) on the server?

My company is using SBS 2003 and we have just had our first employee termination since we set the server up.   Our server is set up so that when a new account is created, a new 'home' folder is created on our server and the user's my documents are redirected to it.  

My question is if we delete the user from the 'Users' tab of Server Management, will this also delete their home folder?  We don't want the user's documents deleted as someone might need to access them in the future.

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It should not.  That said, you do have backups right?  You do have Volume Shadow Copy enabled, correct?  

Do not DELETE the user.  DISABLE the user.  You cannot recreate the account later (accounts are based on security IDs and when a user is deleted, that ID is PERMANENTLY removed - a user later with the same name will have a different Security ID (SID).  Delete the user in 6 months when you are certain everything you could possibly have needed his account for is known.

Further, have you forced ALL USERS to change their passwords?  In small environments, users tend to know each other's passwords - so disabling/deleting the account may do no good if the user wants "revenge" and knows someone else's password.  

There was a question the other day where a small company terminated a user and they suspect he came in remotely (POSSIBLY with someone else's credentials) and deleted files.
c_mayAuthor Commented:
We do have VSC enabled, as well as nightly full backups, but I just wanted to ask anyway.

Good point on disabling the user instead of deleting, I will do that.  Thanks.
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