Axis 2 - How to access sharepoint web service that does not allow anonymous log in

I have a JSP file calling Sharepoint 2007 web service using Axis 2.
It worked fine in my local testing environment. However, the production IIS server does not allow anonymous log in, and I get 401 error code.
The JSP has login ID and password to pass, but can't figure out how to pass to IIS.
Does anyone have sample code accessing web service in IIS that does not allow anonymous?
Thank you your help.
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Siva Prasanna KumarConnect With a Mentor Principal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Can you explain this "JSP has login ID and password to pass"

is it a JSP page for login or the browser HTTP authentication based login?

a screen shot of login screen can explain better, later I can help you with http authentication with Axis 2.

Axis 2 supports many types of authentications explained here
hyungminleeAuthor Commented:
My jsp is part of a web application users have to log in using their Active Directory ID/Pass. When they log in, I modified the login page to save their id and password in the web session.
My JSP which needs to access the sharepoint web service retrieves the id and password from session, so that I can pass to the web service.
Your solution looks like what I am looking for. I cannot test until Monday though.
Thank you very much for your help.
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