Web Cam Logitech 9000 and Messenger build 14

I have a logitech 9000 web cam that works perfectly but does not work with messenger (build 14).  When I attempt a video call it gives me a cartoon web cam with a red X on it.  The audio works fine.  I have gone through tools and Audio and Video setup and the test works perfectly as well.  I have updated the software and restarted it multiple times.  Any suggestions?
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Not all web Cams work with messenger it would seem  and this is one of them
Your Logic 9000 uses a tool called Logitech Vid which connects to other  users via service
. It also uses high def
Compatibility with other networks
Logitech Vid is powered by the Logitech® SightSpeed network. Which gives you the ability to connect with people using services such as SightSpeed.
To keep things simple, Vid doesn’t currently connect with Windows Live Messenger™, AIM®, Yahoo! ® Messenger, or Skype™.
 But there’s nothing that would prevent you from using other IM and calling services in addition to Vid on the same computer.
What you’ll need
Minimum and recommended system requirements
You’ll need a high-speed internet connection with at least 256 kbps upload / download.
You need a webcam if you want to be seen,
To be heard, you need a webcam with a built-in mic, a headset, or an external microphone connected to your PC.
To experience the full video-calling quality of Vid (30 frames per second at VGA resolution), people at both ends of the call need a webcam capable of VGA resolution video.
As for your computer:
PC : Vid works with Windows XP or Microsoft™ Vista. We recommend a CPU that’s 2.5GHz or faster.
voicetextAuthor Commented:
"Not all web Cams work with messenger it would seem  and this is one of them"
That does not make sense that it will not work with MSN Messenger.  We have 6 other people in office with the same camera and they are using it successfully.  Please also note the audio (the mic on the camera) works perfectly.  It is just the visual portion.  Can you provide any further information?

Thank you for the information on the VID software.  We are already using this software but need this for MSN Messenger.  
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voicetextAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, still no luck.  We verified the USB 2.0 webcam is working at high-speed.  We also went through the "using windows live messenger with our quickcam pro 9000" instructions.  While doing this through windows MESSENGER the web cam works fine during the setup phase (in the messenger program).  But as soon as a video call is started it still shows the cartoon camera with the red X.

Any further suggestions?  We are eager to get this resolved.
While doing this through windows MESSENGER the web cam works fine during the setup phase<<<
close out your windows live mesenger and the setup wizard once setup is finished.
log back into W-live
who makes the call you or the other friend.
Refer to part 9
you're making the call to a friend in the office..
Launch Windows Live Messenger
Open a new chat window ( click on the friend's name..) they must be online and logged in.
And chatting with you. Make sure they have their web cam on too,
hope the office is not large :)
Click the Video button while in the chat with your friend
A new chat window will open.
 If your image is visible, you should now be able to video chat with your friend once they accept it.
all I can add is make sure your friend you're chatting with is not in a call already.
You can only have one call per person and has always been like that.
You are not being blocked in the Windows family safety
If you still cannot see or hear the other person, it can be due to a variety of possible issues, including:
Windows or third-party firewalls
Your internet service provider (AT&T, Comcast, etc) could be blocking certain services.
Verify you can see yourself and your friend can see them selves as well

Verify that your QuickCam Communicate STX is selected from the Camera drop-down menu as shown below:

voicetextAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately all the suggestions you have proposed I've already done multiple times.  Instead I un-installed windows live messenger and installed again fresh.  After that it still was not working.  So I went through the setup of the web cam again in the Messenger program and this time chose DISABLE.  Hit finish and let it think I had no web cam.  I then went back and selected it again and it somehow "refreshed" its settings and now works.

Also, you may want to know this seemed to be on a per user basis.  As I was signed in with MY id on her pc and tried this and it worked.  Then I signed out and signed in as her and it suddently went back to not working.  So I went through the process again and it fixed her user.

Thank you for your efforts.

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