In reference to Peer Monitor...can i set it up to send a txt to my phone when something fails?

I used to have What's Up Gold set to send me a text on my cell phone, but i can't seem to get Peer Monitor to do it even possible or is something else preventing it?  It'd be nice to know if i'm wasting my time trying to troubleshoot a PM problem when really it's not related at all...thanks!

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This would appear as a e-mail to What's Up Gold.  Do you have it setup so that it can send e-mail?

The one gotcha about txt messages is that they are limited to 160 (I think that is the limit) characters, including headers.  So if you are sending something that is bigger than that it will get dropped.
MOPSCAuthor Commented:
We had What's Up set up like that before, but have since stopped using it awhile back.  I'm now looking at Peer Monitor as a replacement.  I have it setup to send email, and it sends to my email account just fine with, but when i put in, which will work from my email account to my phone (and did from What's Up), it fails.  Is there a translation issue somewhere that it's missing?
Ah, sorry, I was confused.  From peer monitor's point of view this should just be e-mail.  How big is the e-mail that it sends to

Remember you have to inculde everything including the headers: To, From, Date, Subject, in addition to the body of the e-mail.  It it exceeds 160 characters it may be getting rejected.

Now another thing to check, what does Peer Monitor fill in as the "From" address and what SMTP server is it using?

If you have Peer Monitor setup to use say "" as the from address and you are using say Exchange, Exchange will reject the e-mail.  At least it does this in our company.  Exchange gets up set when the from address is for the domain it is a a email server for and it (Exchange) is not the originator of the e-mail.  You may have to code the from address as a different domain name.
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MOPSCAuthor Commented:
It definitely looks like the email it sends is more than 160 characters, so that could be one's what it kicks back (sounds more mail server related though...) --

"You are seeing this because there was an error sending email.

The error message is
Error: 550 5.7.1 denied. IP name lookup failed (IP of PC it's running on)

The current mail state is 'Telling server TO address: step 4/7'
The connection has been terminated.  If this happens again, try with different mail settings e.g. longer time-out or a different address (server may be rejecting your address).

If you get an error in step 4, this is PROBABLY because your server thought that this was an incoming email because your From address does not have an account with it.
Server: (IP of SMTP server)  From: testpc2 <"

The whole "from address does not have an account" part could be right... we don't currently have an SMTP server, we send our stuff through a parent organization that does, and that's how we used What's Up even with no issues...wonder why this doesn't want to work the same way?  I'll also check and see if i can figure out where to change the message Peer Monitor sends so as to truncate it down to just a server name and time.  Any other thoughts on this error?

The from address may need to be a address that is within your company's e-mail domain, that it you may have to make it and it may have to be a valid e-mail address within your company's e-mail system.
MOPSCAuthor Commented:
Well i'm not seeing any way that i can add my cell phone texting number into this since it's not a valid email address in the domain.  It seems so similar to What's Up, was really hoping it could do the job and have a quick and easy fix.  I don't see a place in Peer Monitor to set any other addresss but the "to" address for alerts.  I guess the best thing would be to just get a new phone that i can check my email with, problem solved, no more relying on texts.  Know of any other products that might do what i want here?  
MOPSCAuthor Commented:
It ended up being an issue with our parent company where we go through for SMTP.  They've added the new server to their proofpoint servers and now it works fine.  Thanks for your assistance.

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