Need to rewire telephone lines

The issue is that we have 4 lines and 3 of them are being used and 1 is not. We have two devices that are sharing one line and we need to separate them. Can someone help please?
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Well, a great place to start is always the DIY sites...

In your case, you'll want to run a new line from the box to the jack.    You only want to mess with the customer side of the exterior telephone box and use cable that is exterior grade.

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If you disconnect the wires, something will quit,  Mark the wires you disconnect to see what they're for and see what stops working.  Do that until you know which connections are for which line and move the one device to the line you need it to be connected to.
How much do you know about wiring? Do you know enough to run the unused line to one of the devices if necessary?
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You'll either have to trace the wires or hire someone to do it for you.

In best-case wiring, every jack will have a home run back to a central patch panel or back to the NID.

What does your wiring look like?
  Cat5 (4-pairs: orange, blue, green, brown)?
  Traditional phone wire (2 pairs: green/red + black/yellow)?

Basically, you need to trace each jack and draw a diagram where the wires run.  You have Line1, Line2, Line3...label which wires are connected at each jack, and at the NID.

Without at least that info listed above, noone will be able to help.
I'm all for doing it yourself... I say take a look at each of the 4 lines, disconnect each of them and make note of which system goes offline, and then mark the line that didn't shut off anything - this is you're unused line. One of the disconnects will have taken two devices offline, so just extend the unused line to one of those devices and hook everything back up. Pretty simple actually, if you feel competent doing it you'll probably save yourself or your company a few hundred.
We need an overview of the four lines:


Line 1 >>> master bedroom
Line2  >>>daughter's room ( I don't recommend it, LOL)
Line 3 >>Grandma's room
Line 4 >>Mother in law (time to move out, LOL)

We also need to know if any of these lines use DSL.

One other thing, Are you open to alternatives. You probably don't nee that many lines unless you have tenants.

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