Novell Log-in Prompt and Wireless Authentication Delay

Good afternoon,
I am trying to figure out a way to delay the Novell log-in prompt from appearing for 15 – 20 seconds. This 15 – 20 second time period would allow for the built-in wireless on this HP Mini 5101 to authenticate to the network. After authentication the user would be able to successfully login and not receive an error message because they logged into too quickly, not allowing the authentication handshake to take place.
Students and staff turn on the computer and log in as soon as they see the prompt. They are quickly greeted with an LDAP Error message. If the student or staff member tries again in most cases the required time has gone by to allow the handshake and they can successfully login the second time.

Attempted Solutions:
Staff Development, the staff have accepted this but from time to time do forget, students however are not being trained or taught by the staff so they are not learning to be patient after turning on a computer. (I have the script running but the Novell log-in window appears, is there a way to stop the Novell log-in window from appearing until after the script has completed?) (This article did not apply to the issue, just delayed Windows from loading) (The Novell log-in window still appears before the script starts) (did not seem to change the speed of the Novell log-in window from appearing)

Scripted Code:
Ping –n 60

WScript.Echo “Hello World!”
WScript.Sleep 15000
WScript.Echo “I slept for 15 seconds!”

All of the code launches but it launches after the login script. Thus far the only window I have been able to get to appear infront of the Novell log-in window is the Legal Disclaimer, I am trying to figure out of a way to keep that up for 15 seconds before the students can click the OK button.

Any suggestions are welcome, just trying to figure out how to delay that log in prompt from appearing before the authentication handshake takes place.

Wireless Encryption:
WPA2 (PSK) 9 character long passkey

Thank you,

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From left field......

Not a Novell Tech, only experience with it was running a migration project for about 5000 PCS... We just flipped them, didnt design the infra......

With that said....

Winlogon is the process responsible for the CAD screen, which once you hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, it calls the GINADLL value located in

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

The only way that I think you can possibly do this, is to write your own GINA DLL module, and include with it a delay, like your 'ping -n 30 localhost", and then loads the Netware GinaDLL (which is probably what the GINADLL Value is set to now.......

Customizing GINA, Part 1

Customizing GINA, Part 2

Oh, and BTW, I have another disclaimer......I am not a programmer either. I am sure though that your enviroment probably has a developer that can whip this up pretty quickly.....

I had another thought..... (dangerous I know, but this is what I do in my downtime...think....)  :-)

In the newly compiled GinaDLL, you could have a function that loops through, searching for your wireless subnet, assuming it might have a different scope), and not take action to load the NW Gina until it finds that it has recieved a wireless IP subnet)

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bennett_thomas_eAuthor Commented:

I agree with you, I believe that re-writing the gina may be what needs to happen. By chance do you know how or possibly where I could get a modified gina? Just need a simple delay, I will be speaking with the software developer today to see what he can do, he may not work on it though because we will be migrating up to Windows 7 in a month or so.

Thank you,

Im sorry, never had a need for them, so it is not something I have researched....

Wonder if you can assign the GinaDLL value to a .bat file though? Again, never tried that either....
bennett_thomas_eAuthor Commented:
The decision of management was to wait until after the Windows 7 migration, I do agree that re-writing the gina is probably the only way to do this. We will just have to see if this problem has been resolved in Windows 7.

Thank you,

Thomas E. Bennett
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