Color printer settings get reset by Corel Wordperfect

We have a color copier with a PCL or UFR print driver.  If we manually set the printing preferences on the driver at the machine or server level to default to printing black and white unless a user changes it that works in every program but not Wordperfect 12 or X5 their newest one.

No matter how many times we change the setting to turn off color printing or try to save a new profile it will always revert back to the default print settings  but not the machine or server defaults.  Its own idea of what the defaults would be.

I have read lots of postings have applied all service packs to WP 12.  Have cleared all WP print registry keys.  I see the registry settings for trays but nothing about color.

We have installed different version of the driver and reinstalled multiple times.  Happens on all machines each time.  Tried the X5 demo and still happens is this the drivers?  It ONLY happens in corel products.

Anyone run into this before?  Any ideas?
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sorry to be completely unhelpful, but it may just be a bug in wp that you can't get around.

have corel/wp said that this should not happen? ie it isn't listed as a known 'feature' :-) problem?



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Can you set WP's defaults, perhaps by re-creating the default template?

Also, WP may save printer settings with the document (as does Word), so make sure you try a new document.
I notice you say you have changed the print preferences to be black and white. On a print queue there are actually 2 places you can make this change, print preferences and printer defaults. Typically, print preferences are changes for a single job where print defaults are settings that are to be used for every job. With that said, I have experienced where I have changed the priner defaults and it will still print color. I then go to print preferences and the change did not take effect here and once I changed the settings it works properly. If you have not already done so, try changing the printer defaults to monochrome or black and white. (Right click the printer queue and select properties. From the properties screen select the advanced tab. Once on the advanced tab go to the color tab. Make sure it is set to black and white.) Now do the same thing for printer preferences. Users will still have the option to change to color, but if they do not make any changes it will print black and white by default. Hopefully this will help with your issue.
jcwiletsAuthor Commented:
can not find a solution so assume it is just a bug with WP
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