CRM Workflows - Reminder for Stale Cases

I am trying to create a workflow to send reminder e-mails to users about stale cases.  Essentially, the logic of the workflow is:

Execute on record (case) creation
Wait 24 hours
If Case is 'Active' Continue, Else Stop Workflow
If Case is 'Older than 14 days' send reminder e-mail and spawn new instance of this workflow, Else Spawn new instance of this workflow.

The problem I am having is 'Cases Older than 14 Days'.  There seems to be no way to specify the current date in the condition criteria, and therefore no way for CRM to calculate 14 days after the 'Created on' date.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to build this workflow?
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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Try using:

Workflow Execution Time Is Greater Than - Case 14 Days after Created On

You'll need to use the Dynamic Values section in the Form Assistant.


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If you want to send a recurring reminder every 14 days the case is open for then create the workflow like this:

Create the workflow, set it to fire when Case is Created and click the Available to run as child workflow box

1. Wait Condition - Workflow Timeout equals 14 Days Duration
2. Then put a Check Condition in - If Case equals active send email
3. Put a Conditional Branch in - if Case does not equal active then Stop Workflow

Click Save then open the workflow again

4. Underneath the Check condition and Conditional branch put a step to start Child Workflow and select this workflow from the list

Then publish - now the workflow should keep recurring, checking the Case status every 14 days until the case is set to something other than active (you can obviously change this logic to something else if needed).
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