Need sysprep files, without modifying source machine


I am in the process of getting a Windows Server 2003 vmware to boot correctly. It however does not have the correct sysprep info.

When I open the .vmx (vmware) in the vmware stand alone converter it says "Need sysprep files" and tells me where to put them.

How do I obtain these files (or ones that will just allow me to boot) without affecting the "live" version of the virtual machine?

Hope that makes sense. Thank you
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You can find sysprep on your windows 2003 installation media.


sysprep.exe is located in this CAB file.

You can use Setup Manager (setupmgr.exe) to create an answer file.

one way is to have the sysprep files on the standalone vmware converter machine and point the same to that location.

When you use the sysprep files once the image gets deployed it will try to change the host name and also change SIDs for the system.

If you simply want to have a copy of this image then you can go ahead and use vmware stand alone converter and copy this image and once on the ESX server you can put this machine or a Seperate network than the live version so that this does not impact the original machine.

MrN1c3 is correct; If you want the most 'current' version (kinda doesn't matter...but personally, I'm anal about that sort of thing), you can download them here:

The thing about the download is you will have to install this (it's a "patch") on a W2K3 machine. If you don't want it on your VM, install it on another. The sysprep files will be in the C:\Windows\system32 directory. Extract them from the file and place them where the msg says to. will place these files on the workstation you're using the Converter on.

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