SBS and Raid 1 setup

Responsible for an HP Proliant ML110 G4 server that was purchased in a RAID 1 format - has 2 160GB drives.  Running SBS 2003.  Long story, but it required reinstall and I am not sure that the drives are in RAID setup.  When I check Disk Management, my Disk 0 says:  Basic, 149.05GB, Online and I see the C and E volumes (E is user volume).  Disk 1 says:  Dynamic, 149.05GB, Online and shows Unallocated.

I believe this means I do not have RAID 1 (mirroring)???  If not, how do I get it set up?

As you can tell, I am not a hardware person!
Thank you!
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raid can be setup from the raid controller during boot - and hence you would only see one drive in windows.
you are seeing two - so that would suggest it isnt setup.

you can setup mirroring from within windows but this is slower and more difficult to recover.

you will most likely see a raid controller option when you boot up.


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also - be careful - if you try to configure raid now with the controller - it MAY destroy your data already on drive0.
you should do a backup (imaging software would be the best way in this scenario)
and then configure the raid.
Download HP's "Array Configurator Utility", called ACU.   It will run from windows and drill into controller, show you config, and let you make changes.  Just go to the HP support site to download.
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lbitAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info.  I did find an HP doc on Embedded STAT RAID Controller setup which talks about setting it up during boot as you stated.  So my next question - the server has been in place like this for 3 years.  Is it worth changing, especially considering the risk of losing data on drive 0?  
But .. based on what you report, it looks like you have a broken software-based RAID1.   Disk0 is split into C: & E:,   Disk1 is not part of the mirror.    To use software mirroring, both disks need to be dynamic.   This explains why Disk1 is dynamic.

Personally, I think anybody needs to have their heads examined if they use software RAID1 on something like SBS.   Software RAID will crash & burn if you have a drive failure 50% of the time.   Get a HP SmartArray controller (heck, you may already have a hardware RAID controller you are not using.  I think it is standard on G4s anyway).

The ACU program can confirm if you have a hardware controller.
Yes it is worth changing.   A 3-year old drive has a higher probability of dying, does it not?    
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