Can I mount a ClearCase view hosted on a Unix (Solaris 8) Server on my Windows XP machine?

My company uses ClearCase for their versioning system.  This is my first experience with ClearCase, and I'm trying to figure things out.  The View (or VoB, don't know which one I'm actually accessing) is hosted on a Unix server running Solaris 8.  I log into that server using Cygwin, by either starting an x server connected to the server (for graphical applications), or just by using telnet or SSH.  Once I'm in, I run the following commands:

activate ccase
newgrp <groupname>
ct setview <viewname>
cd ~<groupname>/<project>/src

Then I can either just browse the source, or usually (assuming I connected using the X server), I just run


to bring up the ClearCase GUI.

Not much of this is relevant to my situation, except that it hopefully should give you enough information about how I connect that you might be able to answer my question.  What I want to do is be able to access this ClearCase View through my Windows machine directly, preferably by mounting the view to a drive letter.  I have Rational ClearCase and a bunch of ClearCase tools installed on my Windows machine, I just can't figure out how to start that view, and mount it to a drive, because it's located on a Unix system.  Is this possible?  CAN I access this code from my Windows machine directly?  The reason I want to do this is because I want to develop the code using Visual Studio for C++, for the IDE feature-set.  (Visual Studio is my preferred IDE)

By the way, my ClearCase Explorer version on my Windows machine is 2003.06.10+

Thanks in advance!
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Seeing as you're on Solaris 8, your best bet is to install and configure samba. I'm assuming you're running on sparc hardware:

The samba howto:
crakdmirrorAuthor Commented:
That sounds like a viable solution; however, getting the security permissions to modify the server will be a pain.  There's no built-in mechanism, whether in ClearCase or Solaris?  I was hoping there was a way to access the files via SFTP or the like.  If that was the case, I could pull down the files (without even checking them out, just the read-only files) to my workstation, edit them as I needed, then put them back into my home directory on the server, check the needed files out of ClearCase, check my new files in, and I'd be good!  But because I have to run ClearCase and do all the View stuff, which I'm really not that familiar with, I'm not sure if that's possible.

Thanks again, though!
Not seen clearcase I'm afraid. Does clearcase not allow you to configure ssh(scp)?
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crakdmirrorAuthor Commented:
Again, I'm pretty new to ClearCase, so I can't really answer your question.  I guess I'll have to check with the administrators on that kind of stuff.
I will try to help you out, lets see how it goes :)

in windows :
go to start >> control panel >> clearcase
go to the Registry tab

what is the region set there?
set the peer unix region registry( might be the server name)

After doing this, check whether you are able to connect to the clearcase sever.
you can go to project explorer and check for the projects.

during installation i hope you have installed the clearcase plugin for visual studio.
if no install the plugin.

choose the project you want to work on and create a view in your local system.
in visual studio, click on the front desk.
browse to the view.
and then right click and open the solution you want to work on.
once done you will see the solution/ project in your solution explorer.

you can check in check out files and do bunch of clear case operations.
let me know if you figure this out, if not will give you more pointers.



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crakdmirrorAuthor Commented:
I actually figured this out myself with help from another guy over at my company....the whole registry and regions thing, I mean.  He's working on making a Windows region for the project.  But thanks for the comment, enjoy some points!
alright, thanks mate.

I am working on a clearcase assignment right now. if any queries let me know i will try to answer them.

good day
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