How do you alphabetize an InfoPath list?

How do you alphabetize an InfoPath list? I'm connecting to a SharePoint list in InfoPath via a drop-down list box and would like the list to be alphabetized, reqardless of the order of the list in SharePoint.

Better yet may be to be able to create/ use some sort of auto-complete funtionality where as you type a name those that do not match are filtered out.

Best would be a combination of both.
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
InfoPath takes whatever the default list view is.  The only thing I have doen is setup the default view the way I want it in InfoPath and have everyone else use another view.  The other option is heavy coding which I would not recommend.

You can setup a field that you can use as a conditional formating for the repeating table, etc. However you cannot get the dynamic type through you are looking for.  The best you can do is enter a text string and then tab out or press a button to have the list refresh and filter accordingly.
JaemoeAuthor Commented:
Well, it's not the answer I was hoping for but if that's the case then I guess I'll just have to communicate this to the party responsible for maintaining the SharePoint list.

I am going to wait a bit to see if any other experts chime in. If all reponses are the same then points will be awarded accordingly.

Thank you clayfox for the quick response.
JaemoeAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I have not found this to be untrue. Thank you.
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