How do you change the default posting account in MS Dynamics GP, Routines, Sales, Write Off Documents?

Trying to change the sales account default that this type of transaction posts to.  Thanks.
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Steve EndowConnect With a Mentor Microsoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

I'm assuming you mean the write off expense account?  If so, I believe that there are two places in GP that can supply the write off account.

The first would be in the Customer Account Maintenance window (Cards -> Sales -> Customer -> Accounts).  The Writeoffs account here would allow you to have a specific account at the customer level.

The second would be in the Posting Accounts setup (Tools -> Setup -> Posting -> Posting Accounts).  Select Display = Sales, and scroll down and find the Writeoffs account.

GP would look to the customer default account first, and if there is no account setup there, it will use the system default posting account.

The only other default account should be Accounts Receivable, but if you are referring to a different account or if I misinterpreted your question, let me know.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

sdedolaAuthor Commented:
Hey Steve,

Thanks, this was exactly what I needed.  I had been to the Tools, Posting setup and wasn't sure why it didn't follow that.  Now that you pointed out the customer based account setup, it all makes sense.


Ps.  We remember you from Bond.  Are you still there?
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