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I am programming this Ap and trying to change to WPA, is there a way to do this without enabling radius, just using a key?  Also, looks like it only supports WPA vs W
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marcokrecicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
WPA not required RADIUS, it only required a WPA key shared between AP and Wireless supplicant.
Jack_son_Author Commented:
For some reason in this AP, it seems to require it. How do you work around this?
What model AP is it?
Jack_son_Author Commented:
Its a 1242
mutchinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can set it to just use a WPA-PSK without radius server no problem.

(Assuming you have already set up and SSID):
On the web interface, select security on the left hand menu, then select encryption manager, select the VLAN (if applicable), then set the encryption mode to cipher, then select TKIP, or AES CCMP, apply these changes.

Then under the security heading on the left, select SSID manager, (select the same SSID/VLAN as in encryption manager), then scroll down to Client Authenticated Key Management, set key management to mandatory, select 'enable WPA', select appropriate version from drop down menu, then enter an ASCII WPA Pre shared key.  Apply these settings.

This will set up WPA-PSK without a radius server on the selected SSID/VLAN!

Hope this helps!
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