Bacula Exchange Plugin install and config

I have a Bacula install working successfully and want to leverage the Exchange plugin that I have seen mention of on the Bacula site. The info on this, however, is a bit light on.

It would appear that the plugin should be included in the distro, but it does not appear in the src/plugins dir - does get a mention in the README as if it should be there.

Found a bit of doco on it at

When I apply the changes listed in this document to the bacula-dir.conf file, I get an error :
26-Mar 11:20 armdc01-fd JobId 44: Fatal error: Invalid FileSet command: exchange:/@EXCHANGE/Microsoft Information Store:notrunconfull  (as I am only testing I do not want to truncate logs at this stage)

The director and SD are running on an Ubuntu 9 server. The fd for the Exchange is running on a Windows 2003 server. The exchange is 2003. All Bacula installs are 5.0.1.

Job is defined as:
Job {
      Name = "ARMEMAIL01_FS"
       Type = Backup
       Level = Incremental
       Client = armdc01-fd
       FileSet = "Armemail01-FS"
       Schedule = "WeeklyCycle"
       Storage = usbchanger1
       Messages = Email
       Pool = Full_Backup
       Priority = 15

Fileset is defined as:
FileSet {
        Name = "Armemail01-FS"
        Include {
                Options {
                        Signature = MD5
                        Exclude = Yes
                        IgnoreCase = Yes
                        EnhancedWild = Yes
                        Drivetype = fixed
                        Sparse = yes
                        # Exclude directories and files
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Documents adn Settings"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Windows/Prefetch"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Windows/Internet Logs"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Windows/$NT*Uninstall*"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Windows/Downloaded Installations"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Windows/Temp"
                        WildFile = "*.tmp"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/System Volume Information"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/WUTemp"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/RECYCLE[DR]"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/pagefile.sys"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/hiberfile.sys"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/cygwin"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/{Program Files,PROGRA~1}/Java"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/{Program Files,PROGRA~1}/Java Web Start"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/{Program Files,PROGRA~1}/JavaSoft"
                        WildDir = "[A-Z]:/{Program Files,PROGRA~1}/Microsoft Office"
                File = "C:/"
                File = "E:/"
                File = "F:/"
                plugin = "exchange:/@EXCHANGE/Microsoft Information Store:notrunconfull"
        Exclude {
                File = "E:/MAILSTORE/priv1.edb"
                File = "E:/MAILSTORE/priv1.stm"
                File = "F:/mdbdata/E00.chk"
                File = "F:/mdbdata/E00.log"
                File = "F:/mdbdata/E00tmp.log"

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Ross_GAuthor Commented:
This issue has been resolved.
The Exchange plugin does exist in the plugins directory - but only on the Windows fd install. The configuration on this server has to be modified to enable the plugin directory - the entry exists in the standard config, but is commented out.

There was also an error in my job config referencing the wrong client name - serves me right for copy and pasting.....

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