Windows 2008 r2 core Powershell modules missing

I am installing a 3rd DC (one will get demoted which is a windows 2003 box).  I have another windows 2008 r2 virtual machine (non-core) with everything setup and working.  And now i am making my soon primary DC a physical machine using 2008 r2 core.  

I have installed the DC on the 2008 core and it did not install the powershell modules for AD.  Normally it will install them during the install of DC using DCpromo.

I have tried to copy over the modules but it tossed up more errors.  Any suggestions before i reformat the machine? Seached all over the web but found nothing.
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Mike KlineCommented:
What happens on the box if you try

PS C:\> import-module servermanager
PS C:\> Add-WindowsFeature -Name "RSAT-AD-PowerShell" -IncludeAllSubFeature

This is a weird one


the comment above shoudl fix this although it woud be useful to get the output of:

Get-Module -ListAvailable
jramsierAuthor Commented:
I have trued Add-WindowsFeature -Name "RSAT-AD-PowerShell" -IncludeAllSubFeatu and this is what i get:

Add-WindowsFeature : ArgumentNotValid: Invalid role, role service, or feature:
'RSAT-AD-PowerShell'. The name was not found.
At line:1 char:19
+ Add-WindowsFeature <<<<  -Name "RSAT-AD-PowerShell" -IncludeAllSub
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:) [Add-WindowsFeature], Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NameDoesNotExist,Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager

Module list (Get-Module -ListAvailable) :
ModuleType Name                      ExportedCommands
---------- ----                      ----------------
Manifest   BestPractices             {}
Manifest   BitsTransfer              {}
Manifest   PSDiagnostics             {}
Manifest   ServerManager             {}

The files are not even in "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules" as they should be (as shown from the Get-Module -ListAvailable command.  

I have installed core DC's before and never ran into this issue.  Does not look like any one else has either from searching on the internet.
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jramsierAuthor Commented:
Well if anyone else has any ideas let me know.  Will be formating on Monday if not.
Mike KlineCommented:
Found this over on the technet forums

won't blow smoke I don't have any core 2008 R2 boxes in production  so I'd be interested if that works for you.



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jramsierAuthor Commented:
thanks mkline71,
I did "DISM /Online /Get-Features" to get my list and on that list i found:
Feature Name : ActiveDirectory-PowerShell
State : Disabled

But instead of tring to install .net i installed the AD (.net has been working) then did:
DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName: ActiveDirectory-PowerShell
to enable it

jramsierAuthor Commented:
I hope this is all i need to do to keep the server to be running correctly.  Little scared that it might have missed other things.
jramsierAuthor Commented:
Read my notes for complete fix.
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