cannot open my Cisco pix 515e firewall

I need to know what version of java does the cisco pix 515e run. I am unable to open it with IE8 and the newest version. If I download and install the oldest version of java then it still does not open. The manager page says loading.
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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You just need to be sure that the Java version matches exactly.   Its not a case of "at least this version", the version must match.  
Taken from the Cisco page:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Windows system, select Start > Run and type wjview in order to determine the version (or type wjview at the DOS prompt). Sample output is shown in this output.

    Microsoft (R) VM for Java, 5.0 Release

Here's the reference:
It seemed cause by Internet Explorer 8 itself, some of WebGUI management system use java didn't work with IE8, included McAfee ePO Manage GUI.

Try to custom the security level to low for the PIX GUI URL, and enable "prompt" feature in Advanced Tab of Internet Explorer related to script and applet.
castroe5Author Commented:
I tried both solutions and both did not work. I keep getting stuck loading the manager. Do I need to use a computer that has an old version of IE8 and old version of java?
castroe5Author Commented:
I needed to download windows 2000.
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