C drive shows as E drive after repairing Master Boot Record.

The Master Boot Record on a computer got corrupt somehow, When I ran Vista's CD for a Startup Repair, and it allowed the box to bootup, however The profile wouldn't load properly. had to ctrl-alt-del, load task manager, and execute "explorer.exe" to get the desktop to show. then I noticed that nothing would load, and that everything was pointed to c:\. The drive is now listed as E:. is there a way to fix it so the boot drive shows as C: again?
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noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
It will not let you change it and moreover even if you change it in non Windows mode the most possible outcome is - non booting Windows again.
But you can try. Download this free tool from here: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/rk-express/
Execute downloaded file and let it burn CD.
Boot the PC from this CD - Normal Mode - Boot Corrector.
There search Windows installations to correct. When found select Change Drive Letter. Release C: from recovery partition and assign it to system drive. Save changes and restart to Windows.
If won't boot change the letters back and let me know.
Open Computer Management --> Disk Management
Do any partitions on any drive show as C:?
If not, right-click what should be your Windows partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths...
With the E: highlighted, click Change and try to change this partition to C:.
If any other partition is already C:, you will not be able to use C: for Windows until you change whatever currently has C: to some other drive letter.
When you ran the startup repair, you probably had a usb card reader or something plugged into the motherboard. I've see this cause the hard drive to take the next available drive letter after the USB device. See if you can unplug the device and do the very same startup repair.
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mnswhitAuthor Commented:
The Drive actually has 2 partitions on it. The Factory Recovery partition, and the OS/Data partition. The Recovery Partition is currently showing as C. and lee, Disk Management won't let you change the partition if your running from that partition, or if it contains the page file, and theirs a 3rd thing that'll stop it, but doesn't really matter seeing as how I was running off the partition, as well as the swap being on the partition. I thought I had mentioned the 2 partitions thing, but sometimes my mind goes faster than my fingers.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use diskpart to change the drive letter.     http://support.microsoft.com/kb/300415
i suppose you need bcdedit too :  http://www.vistaforums.com/FORUM/Topic587-9-1.aspx
mnswhitAuthor Commented:
I ended up getting permission from the end user to just wipe the machine, which is always a nice way to go, fresh installs alleviate many other problems that you may not even realize is there. I did, however look over your posts, and I believe both of your solutions could have helped me out with this tremendously. but seeing as how I went ahead and wiped the box before I got any responses, I won't be able to tell for sure.
tx for your feedback !
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