Citrix port web interface

I am trying to design a Citrix network and I have these questions:
1.- how many web server shoul I have to attend 400 users
2.- how many users in a practial way can e presentation applicayion server can have
3.- where can I get  a  basic diagram of the core servers that makes a Citrix Network
4. how many firewall shoul I implement to protec system from outside and from inside or howit can be accomp[lished?
5.- for the 400 users I need to purchase 400 microsoft TS licenses also?
6.- how can I read how many hit the server have?
6=A. How many concurrent users can accept a web server  an in a given moment?
7.  where  a good fuctional logical citrix design diagram I can find?
8.- how I can secure the design so no intruder can access it and its resources?

Any any help will be more tha appreciate
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Carl WebsterCommented:
1.  1
2.  It depends on a lot of different factors
4.  1, see
5.  yes
6.  several thousand will work on a Pentium III 500Mhz with 512MB RAM

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