flash how to stop symbol animation with stop();

I have a main project. in it I have a movie symbol. The symbol is annimated to highlight itself. I've put a 2nd layer with a keyframe and the action script stop(); method. I went back the the main project and inserted the symbol on my timeline. my timeline is much longer then the symbols. I keeps looping the symbols timeline even though I put a stop in it. Basically I only want the symbol to play its animation once and thats the reason for the stop. I've tested the symbols annimation and the stop is working but from my main timeline it keeps looping. Any suggestions?

Also, If my main timeline is longer then the embedded swf it loops. I've tried putting keyframe and stop(); actions in the nested swf's timeline but it still loops. When I click the swf on my flash design console it does not display the loop options like a symbol does. This is where you can set it to play only once. I want the embedded swf to play once and stay at its last frame while the rest of my main timeline continues. Any ideas?
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i not quite understanding your description.
by  embedded swf  - you've just placed your movieclip on the stage right?
might be easier if you can upload your fla.

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glenn_rAuthor Commented:
blue-genie: I figured out how to stop the symbol movie clip from playing. Just change the loop option to play once.

As for the embedding technique. I've got a fairly large project and want to break it down in smaller pieces. I have 4 fla's right now for dev. But the final mixdown will require all of them playing in sequence to gether with a intro and outro section. Right now I just import the swf in my library and them insert them on the timeline. The only problem is that when the embedded swf reaches its end is that it just keeps looping and I dont know how to stop it. Example intro, swf1 plays, then swf2 play, etc. swf1 keeps playing over swf2, etc. How that makes sense. What do you mean by upload your fla?
glenn_rAuthor Commented:
try this example:

create a fla with some animation and publish the swf.

create a new fla and create some animation.
then import the first swf into the 2nd fla
drag it from the library to the timline.
now ctrl-enter
notice that the main fla finishes playing but the 2nd swf (embedded) just keeps running. Why? I want it to stop when the main stops.
glenn_rAuthor Commented:
see my other flash questions
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