MTOM content transfer Axis2

I have a POJO service in Axis2 which needs to transfer Content to the client. The content transfer mechnism is MTOM.
In the MTOM user guide
following example is given for the server side code

public void uploadFileUsingMTOM(OMElement element) throws Exception {
       OMText binaryNode = (OMText) (element.getFirstElement()).getFirstOMChild();
       DataHandler actualDH;
       actualDH = (DataHandler) binaryNode.getDataHandler();
       ... Do whatever you need with the DataHandler ...

but since I have a POJO web service, I do not have OMElement.
My web service method looks like this

      public GetResumeContentResponse getResumeContent(GetResumeContent getResumeContent) {
       String resumeId = getResumeContent.getResumeId();
       System.out.println("Resume ID is --"+resumeId);
       GetResumeContentResponse res = new GetResumeContentResponse();

Please let me know how can I transfer content using this POJO web service.

Thank You

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Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Here is the code:
 GetResumeContentResponse grs = new GetResumeContentResponse();
                	 javax.activation.DataHandler dataHandler = new javax.activation.DataHandler(new FileDataSource("SomeFile"));
                      return grs;

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ank9Author Commented:
Thanks a lot.
Similarly on the client side it says
         ServiceClient serviceClient = new ServiceClient ();
        Options options = new Options();
        options.setProperty(Constants.Configuration.ENABLE_MTOM, Constants.VALUE_TRUE);
        serviceClient .setOptions(options);
Can you please let me know what is targetEPR.
Is it the endpoint? Should it be "
http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/ResumeService" in my case?
thank you
ank9Author Commented:
In the client, I did the following but an getting these error
1. The method setOptions(Options) is undefined for the type ResumeClient
2. Constants cannot be resolved
I checked the class "org.apache.axis2.Constants.Configuration" but  "FORCE_MIME" was not a field there.
Please let me know which class to import and how to set the options.
Thank you

public static void getResumeContent(String resumeId) {
		System.out.println("Resume ID is getResumeContent --"+resumeId);		
		ResumeClient serviceClient = new ResumeClient();
        Options options = new Options();
        EndpointReference rs = new EndpointReference("http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/ResumeService");
        options.setProperty(Constants.Configuration.FORCE_MIME, Constants.VALUE_TRUE);        

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