Dell E520 CPU Upgrade


I'm upgrading a client's Dell E520 from a Pentium D to an E6600 Dual-core CPU.

With the E6600 CPU installed, I get no POST screen at all, and the monitor light blinks. Both fans (PSU & CPU) come on and the hard drive spins up.

To shut down I have to hold the power button in for 4-6 secs.

All my research insists that the E6600 is compatible with the Dell E520, and it's my understanding that the motherboard should automatically adjust from the old 800MHz to the new 1066MHz FSB speed.

I have updated the BIOS from 1.x to 2.4.

I've tried removing the battery for 15 minutes as well as shorting the CLRBIOS jumper.

I've spent hours on this, and am definitely stuck - all help gratefully appreciated!
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Well, it will take the E6400, so from that I would assume the E6600 would be fine as well ...

And the Dell docs indicate it should work with E6x00 Conroe processors.

Several of the BIOS updates indicate processor support.  You said you updated the BIOS ... did it actually reflect the new version in the BIOS?  And the processor is definitely secured in the slot using the locking arm?  You try reseating the processor and power connectors?
MatteleurAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply gents. I do appreciate your time.

1. the new 2.4 BIOS is reported on relevant BIOS page.
2. the processor is definitely secure in its LGA775 socket. 've been switching back and forth between the Pentium D and the E6600 - the Pentium D works every time, the E6600 has yet to score.

- diag lights? do you mean the little green numbered lights on the front panel? I hadn't noticed them. . . well, the main power light is steady green and lights 1, 3 and 4 are steady green. Your VERY helpful link suggests this might be a combination of CPU and RAM issues. RAM-wise I'm using 2x2Gb DDR2-800 PC2-6400, certified okay for the E520 (they worked fine with the Pentium D CPU)

Given both your responses, I'll try
1. reseating the CPU
2. reverting to the original 2x512Mb DIMMs

I'll let you know if either of those things works.

By the way, is it possible that the E6600 just needs a bigger PSU than the Pentium D? I'm using Dell's original 305W PSU. I've tried starting up the E6600 after removing the hard drive and optical drive, but without success.

Thanks again for the help fellas - Matt
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... is it possible that the E6600 just needs a bigger PSU than the Pentium D?  "   ==>   No, exactly the opposite.    An E6600 is a 65w CPU;   Pentium-D's ranged from 95w to 130w.

Is the E6600 "known good" ??   [i.e. have you tried it in another system that supports it and confirmed it's a good CPU ?]      The E6600 is clearly listed on the Service Manual as a supported CPU;  and the v2.4 BIOS is the most current ==> so I'd suspect a defective CPU  (memory is also possible, but unlikely since it works fine if you boot with the P-IV).
MatteleurAuthor Commented:
Hi garycase,

Again, thanks for your time and care.

Fair point - the E6600 is not proven working. It's brand new, out the box, but I accept it could be faulty. I don't really have a way of testing it at the moment though.

I've also failed to get an E6500 to work with the E520, but I think that's because it's not actually compatible and is therefore nothing but a red herring.

I'll see what I can do about getting another 775 board to verify the E6600. . . thanks for the idea!
Does the system work if you put the Pentium D back in?
MatteleurAuthor Commented:

Like clockwork.
I'm with garycase then, the cpu is probably  DOA. You're right about the E6500, it is a wolfdale core and isn't compatible with the E520.
MatteleurAuthor Commented:
PowerEdgeTech, jamietoner & garycase,

Thanks once again for your wilingness and expertise in helping me through this.

You're gonna hate me, but I believe my problem has been that I was sold a Pentium Dual-Core E6600 instead of a Core2Duo E6600. I shall proceed on the basis of this assumption, and regard my question as answered.

1. Intel processor naming is a DARK ART. E.g. Dual-Core E6600 <> Core2Duo E6600!
2. Be VERY PRECISE when dealing with CPU upgrades, especially for Dell platforms.
3. Do your HOMEWORK, and then do it again. . .

Thanks all,

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Yep, that would definitely cause this as the 3.06ghz Pentium dual core E6600 isn't compatible. I thought this is why Intel changed the way they named cpu's to help prevent mix ups like this. I didn't know they made a Pentium dual core E6600. Here's a link to the C2D E6600 as they are getting harder to find.
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