Convert Flex Datagrid results into a string


I've spent WAYY too many hours trying to figure this out, and about to pull my hair out. I have a Flex Datagrid that I'm trying to convert into a SIMPLE string. My function is the following:

A couple problems:

Problem #1 - When the datagrid converts to a string, the order of the items in my string are arranged in an adhoc manner. So for example if the first row of the datagrid contains the <First Name> , followed by the <Last Name>, followed by the <Age>, the iteration over obj2 doesn't stay in the <First Name> <Last Name> <Age> order...the order always spits out randomly! What is really interesting is that on different computers, the order changes, but on the same computer, the order doesn't change. Is there a better way to save the datagrid results to a string?

The second problem - When you iterate over obj2, there is this wierd binary string that comes out like 078285D5-7022-17BC-4EE3-98E93E8696A4

What sucks is that now that "078285D5-7022-17BC-4EE3-98E93E8696A4" is also added into my string. You'll notice that I've tried taking it out in my code but, it doesn't work all the time.

private var file:FileReference = new FileReference();
private var myString:String = new String
private var sTemp:String = new String
private var inti:Number
private var intCountDash:Number
private function ExporttoCSV():void{
myString = "Cost, Attribute, Change, PV, Level, ROI\r\n"
for each( var obj:Object in myData )
for each( var obj2:Object in obj )
intCountDash = 0;
var encr_int: Number=0;
for (inti=0; inti < String( obj2 ).length; inti++) 
if(String( obj2 ).charAt(inti) == '-') 
         						intCountDash = intCountDash + 1;
	  					if (sTemp != "")
							if (intCountDash !=4)
								if (String( obj2 ) == "&#8593;")
									sTemp += "," + "Increased from Current";
								if (String( obj2 ) == "&#8595;")
									sTemp += "," + "Decreased from Current";
								if (String( obj2 ) == "&#8596;")
									sTemp += "," + "No Change";
								if ((String( obj2 ) != "&#8593;") && (String( obj2 ) != "&#8595;") && (String( obj2 ) != "&#8596;"))
									sTemp += "," + String( obj2 )	
							sTemp = String( obj2 )
					myString += sTemp + "\r\n";
					sTemp = "";

                        //var test:String = "Hello World, By World"

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I see that you start your string by defining what the output will be, so you presumably know the exact columns in your data grid.  In that case, why go generic?
I would try something like this, starting at line 8:
myString = "Cost, Attribute, Change, PV, Level, ROI\r\n";
var costCol:DataGridColumn =  myData.columns[0];
var attrCol:DataGridColumn = myData.columns[1];
var changeCol:DataGridColumn = myData.columns[2];
var pvCol:DataGridColumn = myData.columns[3];
var levelCol:DataGridColumn = myData.columns[4];
var roiCol:DataGridColumn = myData.columns[5];

for (var i:int = 0; i < myData.rowCount; ++i)
    row:Object = myData.getItemAt( i );
    myString += costCol.itemToLabel( row ) + ", ";
    myString += attrCol.itemToLabel( row ) + ", ";
    myString += changeCol.itemToLabel( row ) + ", ";
    myString += pvCol.itemToLabel( row ) + ", ";
    myString += levelCol.itemToLabel( row ) + ", ";
    myString += roiCol.itemToLabel( row ) + "\r\n";
I haven't tested this code in any way, but it looks like it should work.
reference: for how to get any individual value from a cell.
Good luck!

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piyushdabombAuthor Commented:
I haven't tested this out, but I figured out how to go around it. Thanks a lot!

If I ever need this, I will use it. I was simply in a rush to finish my project.
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