Correct property.

There is compilation error in the code below.

The compilation error is due to the word vscrollbar.

What is the correct syntax.
public function boolean wf_init_dw_controls ()

integer li_count
integer li_idx
integer li_tab_page_count
integer li_tab_page_idx
integer li_tab_control_count
integer li_tab_control_idx
tab ltab_obj

li_count = upperbound(control)

for li_idx = 1 to li_count

	choose case control[li_idx].typeof()
case tab!
			ltab_obj = control[li_idx]
			li_tab_page_count = upperbound(ltab_obj.control)

			for li_tab_page_idx = 1 to li_tab_page_count
				li_tab_control_count = upperbound(ltab_obj.control[li_tab_page_idx].vscrollbar)

				for li_tab_control_idx = 1 to li_tab_control_count

					if ltab_obj.control[li_tab_page_idx].vscrollbar[li_tab_control_idx].typeof() = datawindow! then

						if long(ltab_obj.control[li_tab_page_idx].vscrollbar[li_tab_control_idx].dynamic event ue_initialize()) <> 0 then
						end if

					end if



	end choose


return li_idx > li_count

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Can u provide more details of what ur trying to achieve??
Also some screenshots of how ur screen looks will help.

MehramAuthor Commented:
Creating tab page dynamically, want to use property vsscrollbar, fontpitch
I think you don't need to use property vscrollbar at all. I mean that property can't be used with CONTROL array directly. And looking at your code, if you remove this word (vscrollbar), it should work the way you want.

If I understand the logic correctly. It is..

1. For all controls on the window check if it is tab page
2. if tab page then for all controls on tag page check if it is datawinidow.
3. if it is datawindow call event ue_initialize.

And there is no need of vscrollbar.


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