False mail enable public folders?

Hi everyone

Just trying to set up an email diversion in Exchange 2007 for someone going on holiday, we noticed that in Exchange Management Console > (mailbox) > Properties > Mailflow Settings > Delivery Options > Properties > Forward To > Browse - there are 1298 objects, mostly what look like mail enabled public folders with spam "companyname.com.au" email addresses.  We only have about 30 legitimate company email addresses.

A - Is this anything to worry about, or is this just a list of all the spam addresses we've filtered out somehow?  

B - how can I get rid of them?!?

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MandKButConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've gone through the container and manually deleted the ones we don't need.  Current leading theory is that it was some junk brought over from a server migration as they were all created at the time of the migration.
This is a list of objects within your AD that have email address attache the them.  I do not beleive it can be filtered out.
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