Cisco ASDM unable to Launch from VMWare Guest OS (Win-XP) and Sun Virtualbox Guest OS (Win-XP)


 I could not connect to my Cisco 5510 from VMWare Guest OS (Win-XP) and Sun Virtualbox Guest OS (Win-XP). I tried from the https://ip-address and as well as the Desktop launcher, but no luck. Is there any way to make it work on virtual machines because i am using Linux and MAC-OS.

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parames81Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am using all the up to date softwares still not luck. So i installed a dedicated Windows Bare machine for connecting the ASDM.

Thanks for all your efforts!!
what config do you have on the 5510 for example

which port is adsm set to use
which addresses and interfaces are allowed to use asdm

Does it work from anywhere

BTW - it will work in MAC-OS X using the web browser approach , in both Firefox and Safari
parames81Author Commented:

ASDM is able to work from the bare Windows XP systems and not from the virtual machines.  Like vmware and sun virtualbox guest operating systems.

BTW it is not able to work through browser too both on Linux and MAC-OS. It is loading to 100% then the below message comes up and stay

Please wait... main window is coming up...

Can you please help out.
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are the guest machines on the same network as the bare XP machine or are you using NAT from guest to client.

Are you sure that the firewall will allow access from these VMs.
parames81Author Commented:
guests and the bare XP machines are on the same network and the Cisco firewall is from different network. I am using bridged connections from the guest to client.

I disabled all the firewalls from the guest machines and bare machines are able to connect except the VMs. will the Cisco ASDM check for physical network interface.
Ok so check the ASA to ensure that it allows the whole network and not just some addresses. What actually happens when you point the browser at the firewall, does it just timeout or are you prompted for a username/password - if so does it fail to run because of a browser restriction/java version error etc
Hello there,

Also check the sottware versions of the Virtual Machines, (Java,Internet explorer, Firefox) if the asdm
gives you the "Please wait... main window is coming up..." it look that you have been authenticated, so try to be up to date with the software above.!!


Good luck!!
parames81Author Commented:
Hello Everyone, i found the workaround for this problem.. JDK1.6 wont work with ASDM, so i downgraded the JDK to 1.5 and everything started working perfectly even on the Virtual Hosts.

Thanks for all the efforts

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