How to add different image watermarks on different pages in one Word-document 2007

I have a template, divided in sections.
Different first header with a title watermark.
I like to add another watermark on page 2 en further.
(with VBA)

I can't use images as header, because the typing then is very, very slow.
Expert Exhange gave me the solution yesterday to use watermarks.
It helps to speed up the typing, but now I have this question.
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Connect With a Mentor Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
Hi MSKem,

compressing images will reduce their size and relieve Word of a big load of unused bytes.. This is exactly what I said in my second comment. If images are big, Word will be slow. If images are small Word will be faster. You chose to reduce the image size within Word by compressing. Inserting smaller images in the first place by reducing their size _BEFORE_ you insert them into a Word doc would save you that hassle.

Also, having to crop an image in Word will add unneccessary overhead to the Word document, because the cropped off parts of the image are _STILL THERE AND ARE USING MEMORY SPACE_ , they're just hidden.

Best practice is to insert the smallest possible image that does the job. Image sizing, cropping, and compressing into a suitable format should happen in a Graphics application (Photoshop, Fireworks, The Gimp, heck, even MS Paint does a better job than Word!), but not in Word.

cheers, teylyn
Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
Hello MSKem,

the standard Watermark will be the same for the whole Word Document.

As a workaround, you can insert an image into the header, and create several sections in your document with different headers. The header picture can be positioned smack in the middle of the page, and with the ability to unlink from the previous section header, you can practically have a different watermark for each page (if you take the trouble to define a new section for each page)

If you need more help with this, please pipe up.

cheers, teylyn
MSKemAuthor Commented:
I think I don't understand.
My document is already divided in several sections, unlinked to the previous header.
It does have images in the header, but in Word 2007 it causes very, very slow typing.
So the only solution so far is to change the images in watermarks. But there is no possibility to unlink a watermark from the previous section.
I thought the solution from Expert Exchange changing the images in watermarks was great, but now I can't use different watermarks in different sections.
Any other ideas or solutions?
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

to re-state:

Watermarks always apply to the whole document. You can not have different watermarks in different sections.

The workaround is to use an image that is placed in the page header. Different sections can have different page headers, so you can have different images as a background to your page.

Re performance:

If images in headers are slowing down performance, you may need to check the graphics format of the images and reduce their size. A backdrop (fake) watermark image for a page should not be more than a one or two dozen kb, if it is just some gray text on white, saved as a GIF.  Word won't even notice that, performance-wise.

Avoid BMP files. They are uncompressed, big and unwieldy. A 2MB BMP image can easily be represented by a 25kb GIF. Graphics with simple colors are best compressed as GIF. JPG is best suited for photos.

Avoid inserting big images and then reducing their size by scaling them in Word. Rather, scale them in an image editing application, save with the reduced dimensions, and then place them into Word.

If Word is slow because you're loading each page with 2MB of image files, it's not Word that's at fault.

cheers, teylyn
MSKemAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I don't use big images.
But I googled and found out that many people have the same problem of slow typing using images in the header of footer in Word 2007. Even when it is a low resolution image. So I thought it must be a bug in Word.
The same images in the document itself, don't slow down.
Saving the document as a Word 97-2003 document, doesn't slow down.
Only when saved in 2007-format (dotm, dotx, docx of docm).
Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
Well, what can I say? Download Office 2010 beta. Much better behaved! :-))

cheers, teylyn
MSKemAuthor Commented:
If only it was that easy.
It is for a customer who just upgraded to Office 2007.
But thanks anyway.
MSKemAuthor Commented:
Hi teylyn,

I've got the solution. Maybe interesting for you to know.

I use images, sometimes height = 3 cm but width is always 21 cm. (A4-format).
When I crop the image in Word (delete the white area) and compress it, then the typing is normal.

I asked the question in another thread by the way and submitted my solution.
MSKemAuthor Commented:
Solution to my question = not possible to add different image watermarks on different pages.
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