Physical memory problems

We have a Windows server 2008 with 2GB of physical memory. The problem is when I look into the taskmanager I see that the physical memory is for 95% in use. But when I look at the processes I see that the memory uses by the processes is  in total 650 MB. So how can it be that the physical memory is for 95% in use? Maybe the memory is broken?
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Your memory is not broken, it's just the way Windows 2008 manages the memory. Part of that "missing" memory is used for caching and it will be released when you open another application, so you won't get a memory error even if it's 95% in use.
emieldmzAuthor Commented:
But I have looked on other windows 2008 servers and there the memory is not for 95% in use...
you should know that there is some part of mb being used for virtual memory,you should adjust virtual memory if its very slow, but that must be done carefully
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emieldmzAuthor Commented:
The server is not slow. The server is acting strange after being up for a while. When I reboot then everything works fine. But only for a while.
Exactly what indicator in Task Manager is showing 95% RAM in use? If this was the physical memory gauge then you really need more RAM or reduce the workload. You have very little available memory and performance will be impaired. If you calculated this from the "Free" memory label then this is normal and good. The upper portion of the gauge is not the same as free memory, not even close.

There are other uses for RAM besides processes, the largest being the system cache. For best performance this should be large. It was never meant that you would total the memory usage column of processes. In general this will not provide meaningful results.

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